Registration Instructions

  • Each person who participates in the Supreme Court Challenge must do two things by the registration deadline (March 22): (1) Register and (2) create or join a team.

Direct Registration

  • Go to
  • In the top navigation menu go to the “Registration” tab. Fill out all fields and click the Register button. The registration deadline is March 22, 2014.

Registration from Email Invitation

  • From the emailed invitation click the “register now” link and you will be taken to the student registration page.

Creating or Joining a Team

Creating a Team

  • You may not create a team if you are already a member of another team.
  • To create a team look for the “Team Manager” widget at the top of the right hand column. Enter a team name into the appropriate field and click the Create New Team button.

Sending Invitations for Others to Join Your Team

  • Once you have created a team you will be able to invite other students from your law school using the “Invite others to join your team” feature found on the “Team Manager” widget at the top of the right hand column. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite in the appropriate field and click “Send Invite.” Upon registration, invitees will have the option to join a team they were invited to or to create their own team.

Joining a Team / Accepting an Invitation

  • Once you have registered and logged in you will have the option of accepting an invitation to join a team. Look for the “Team Manager” widget at the top of the right hand column.
  • Towards the bottom will be a list of teams you have been invited to join. Select the one you wish to join and click the “Join a Team” button.
  • Once you have joined a team, the team selection interface will be disabled and you will no longer be able to accept invites. Joining a team also disables the team creation interface.

Changing Password

  • To change your password look towards the bottom of your Profile Edit page. You are required to enter your new password twice to confirm. Be sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

Note: Changing your password will force a logout and require you log in with the new password to continue using your account.


  • For a detailed list of instructions for submitting votes, please see the “Prediction Instructions” link on the Predictions page.

Check Your Team’s Status

  • To view your team’s ranking in the competition click the “View Season Results” link found on the Team Manager widget on the right side of the Profile page.


  • As a member of a team you have access to the Message Center.

Team Captains

  • Team captains are able to send messages to all of their team members at once (a broadcast message) or to individual members of their team. Click on the “Select send message to” drop-down in the Message Center and select which team member you would like to message. Then fill out the “Subject” and “Message” fields and click the “Send Email” button.

Team Members

  • Team members are able to send broadcast messages to the entire team or they can send a message directly to the team Captain.

For any additional registration questions, please contact Andrew Hamm (