Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog’s Supreme Court Challenge

Expert Tom Goldstein’s challenge to you!

Registration is now closed.  Please submit predictions here.

Welcome to the Third Annual Supreme Court Challenge, hosted jointly by Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog!

  • Predict how the Supreme Court of the United States will decide six merits cases and six cert. petitions in April 2014.
  • Need help? Here are ten tips on how to perform your research.
  • Apply your understanding of constitutional law and each of the nine justices.
  • Compete for pride and money against the experts at SCOTUSblog and other law students around the country.


Cash prizes:

Cash prizes will be awarded to the three student teams with the most points.

  • First prize: $3,500, with an additional $1,500 if the team also beats the experts at SCOTUSblog
  • Second prize: $1,500, with an additional $1,000 if the team also beats the experts at SCOTUSblog
  • Third prize: $1,000, with an additional $500 if the team also beats the experts at SCOTUSblog
  • The top team in each region (excluding the overall the first, second, and third prize winners): $200


How do I compete? (N.B., registration for this year’s competition has now closed.)

  • To compete, you must first register for a Bloomberg Law account if you do not already have one.  If you are not sure if you have a Bloomberg Law account, please contact the Bloomberg Law Help Desk at  The competition is only open to current law students.
  • Once registered, complete the Bloomberg Law certification program and register for the competition by March 22, 2014.
  • You can compete as an individual or as part of a team.  Teams should designate a team leader, who can set up a team by following the instructions provided as part of the registration process.  Once the team is created, the team leader can invite other registered participants to join.
  • Student Teams may only use information  – opinions, Supreme Court briefs, Justices’ profiles and news – housed on Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog to complete their research and make their final selections.
  • Roll the dice and see what happens.  The pick submission deadline will be March 31, 2014.


For more information:

  • For more information on the competition, please view the competition rules and FAQ in the menu above.
  • For more information on the decisions highlighted in the competition, and all of the Court’s decisions this term, visit Bloomberg Law and SCOTUSblog.